Hungry Monster

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Hungry Monster is a colorful puzzle game. In which, players need to feed the monster by connecting the same candies together following its demand.

Hungry Monster - A Lovely Game

Information about the game

The Hungry Monster game is designed based on the monster's story. It's a gluttonous monster, and it's starving. To be full, players need to feed it colorful candies in the game. In particular, your monster will love different colored candies every time, pay attention to what color it wants to eat and get it for it.

How to feed your monster?

You can use the mouse to connect the side by side candies. However, you just can connect the same color candies together. The more candies are connected, the more points you can get and fill your pet faster.

Where can you play Hungry Monster?

This is a simple but fun game, so it gets a lot of user attention. You can enjoy this game right on your mobile phone, tablet, or right here on our website. In addition, Bubble Blast is also a good game and has a similar gameplay that I would like to recommend to you.