Fireboy And Watergirl

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Fireboy And Watergirl is an engaging two-player game. Control the two main characters of the game to move and solve the difficult challenges of the game.

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Besides CrazyBattle, this is one of the games that is fighting to dominate the gaming market. The game is more and more developed and known. Will you help the characters in the game explore the forest temple and leave it safely?

Complete the challenge

In Fireboy And Watergirl, there are two main characters, Fireboy and Watergirl. Each character has its own characteristics and powers. If you want to complete the challenge of the game and win quickly, you need to understand the characteristics of these two characters.

Your task is to help the boy and the girl in the game overcome all obstacles and find the door to escape.

Control guide

  • Use the WASD to guide the water girl.
  • Use the arrow keys to guide the fire boy.

About two characters

The boy and the girl in this game have common characteristics but also have contrasting characteristics. Players can read the information below for more details.

Common features

Both Fireboy and Watergirl need to overcome dangerous obstacles to reach their destination. Collecting diamonds as well as other items is also a necessity. In particular, help the two of them avoid the green water. You can interpret it as a toxic stream that can kill anyone including these two.

Unique features

Besides those common traits, these two characters possess distinct powers and different abilities. In it, fire boy can walk through lava without getting hurt. He can also collect red diamonds. Meanwhile, the water girl can only walk through normal water and collect blue diamonds.

Do not confuse the power and unique abilities of these two characters if you do not want to end the game early. As long as one of these two is in danger, you lose.