Draw Climber

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Wing your cube in Draw Climber so it completes the track and defeats the opponent. The race in this game is extremely interesting, can you win?

Draw Climber race

Welcome to our new and exciting racing game. With a very unique concept, are you ready to take on the challenge? Join Draw Climber and prove your abilities now!

Draw Climber is a unique arcade game in which your task is to try to help a cube move to the finish line... by drawing its legs! Not only that, you will have to draw different types of legs depending on the obstacles you need to overcome.

How to defeat your enemies?

Right at the start of Draw Climber, the player is asked to draw curves to help the character move. In fact, it is the shape of the character's legs and this drawing is very important to success. Draw a really long leg to go quickly through an open area or a ball pit, or draw a shorter leg if you need to cross a narrow path, avoid a big wall, climb a ladder or similar obstacle...

Another catch is that you don't play Draw Climber alone. Your character will have to race against another opponent, the green block. During the race, players will have to overcome countless obstacles that are increasingly difficult, such as ball pits, blocks, walls, water, obstacles... and collect lots of coins before arriving. destination.

Whoever reaches the finish line first wins and now the coins that the player picks up during the journey are officially recognized; And if you lose, you don't get any reward.

Controls guide

To draw the cube's legs, you need to use the mouse.

Some notes for players


In each race of Draw Climber, the player's task is to draw legs for his cube. While drawing, try to find the best shape so that your character can move through each level as quickly as possible. Fortunately, some levels have a Checkpoint which is an area where the gameplay is saved. That means encountering an obstacle, you will start over from the last Checkpoint without having to return to the starting line again.


As you know, in Draw Climber, in addition to quickly reaching the finish line before your opponent, on the go, you will also collect coins. Even after reaching the finish line, you will have the opportunity to receive additional bonus coins. So what are those coins used for? When you accumulate enough coins, you can upgrade your character's speed before participating in the competition. This will give you a better chance of winning.

Change the character's legs

The special thing that few games have like Draw Climber is changing the character's legs while participating in the competition. In this game, even if your cube has joined the track, is in the race, you can still redraw its legs. Sometimes because of the terrain factor of the track, you need to redraw the legs for the cube to make it move more efficiently. Or when you reach the finish line, a long leg will facilitate you to collect more coins. Be aware of this, it can be the golden key to your success in Draw Climber.


If you've played games like Paper.io or Helix Jump, you've probably heard the name Voodoo. This is also the developer for this attractive game Draw Climber.