Doc McStuffins Wash Up Play Day

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Join Doc McStuffins Wash Up Play Day and have fun with all your friends in the playground. Besides, remind them to wash up their hands before eating.

Meaning Behind Doc Mcstuffins

Plot of the game

Doc McStuffins is an extremely popular movie based on a true story. The main character in the film is a black girl Dottie who wants to be a doctor and treatment for her toys. As you know, in order to have good health and well-being, frequent hand washing is extremely necessary. That's why Doc McStuffins Wash Up Play Day was born. The game is a remake of that movie with the goal of providing entertainment as well as reminding children to wash their hands to ensure hygiene.

Game rules

The gameplay of Doc McStuffins Wash Up Play Day is not too difficult. You are having a picnic with your toys at the amusement park. Here, you will have fun with them with extremely attractive games that any child will love such as seesaws, slides, jumping rope, etc.

After playing tired, you and the toys need to rest. Sit down and eat to recharge after a fun outing. However, before eating, take your toys to wash your hands to avoid bacteria.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the game. You will use the mouse to guide the characters to different play areas. Then, click on the play tools for the character to perform actions with that game.

Doc McStuffins Wash Up Play Day is an exciting game, you can play it on our web with many other games, such as Laser Cannon 3, and Wormax.io.