Cut For Imposter

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About Cut For Imposter

As a fun entertainment game, Cut For Imposter requires the player to cut the ropes that hang the candy so that it falls to the place of the Imposter.

Principle of the game

Imposter's only passion in Cut For Imposter is the tempting sweets. This is really an attractive game for players at each level and a challenge to collect 3 stars in each table. Through cutting ropes, breaking bubbles along the way, and putting candy in Imposter's mouth, players will collect golden stars, discover secret rewards and unlock new levels in the free version of Cut For Imposter.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Major features in Cut For Imposter

Possessing eye-catching graphics, real physics puzzle gameplay and many challenging tables, Cut For Imposter promises to be one of the best puzzle games.

Many levels in the game

Through a lot of levels and difficult candy hunting screens for Imposter, players will be able to participate in a fun candy hunting adventure with the help of many types of add-ons such as bubbles, balloons ... You must use your intellect, logical thinking and judgment to put candy in the monster's mouth and win all 3 stars. The later levels are more difficult. Because it is difficult but attractive, this game attracts a lot of players of all different ages,

Graphics in Cut For Imposter

The game Cut For Imposter always attracts players in each level, the image of the hungry red Imposter waiting for candy, along with the lively sound system that attracts players. Furthermore, the stars in each level are arranged in different positions to create challenges for players. If you are bored with this game, you can try playing Elastic Man. Or, try experiencing another type of game in sport, which is Tap Tap Shots.