Cars: Lightning Speed

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Cars: Lightning Speed offers players a great racing track and cute supercars. You and those cars conquer and overcome all opponents to become the fastest.

Cars: Lightning Speed Racing Game

Race track of great riders

Coming to this game, you will participate in competitions on the track with many different opponents. Each player will control a car of their own to conquer the challenge.

So what is the challenge of Cars: Lightning Speed? You will try to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible to win the championship. This is also a common goal in racing games like Crazy Grand Prix.

How to control

  • Left and right keys will help you navigate your vehicle to both avoid collisions and collect items.
  • To boost your speed, the player can use the enter key.

Cars: Lightning Speed's modes and features

Game modes

The game includes 2 modes, Single mode, and Career mode. Basically, the rules of the game are the same. You will compete with other racers on the track of Cars: Lightning Speed. Try to collect boost bolts to speed up, other items will help you earn more coins.

However, players also do not forget to avoid obstacles such as puddles or puddles of oil. They will obstruct your vision. Moreover, touching obstacles or opponents do not cause the player to be disqualified from the game. But your speed will be reduced, giving your opponent the lead.

Upgrade feature

This familiar feature will help players improve their fighting ability by using coins. It's time to spend the coins you earn on the track. You'll use them to upgrade and decorate your supercar before taking on your opponents in Cars: Lightning Speed.