Bowman 2

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Bowman 2 is about intense competitions in the archery arena. You will show your talent when competing against opponents or show yourself through bird hunting.

Introduction of Bowman 2

Conquer archery game

Welcome to an extremely attractive and unique game called Bowman 2. In this game, players will play the role of a marksman with a bow and arrow in his hand. You will face equally talented opponents. Your task is to shoot arrows at those enemies to score points and eliminate them from the game.

Speaking of this, perhaps players often think of another archery game that is also extremely attractive, which is Narrow.One. That's it. Although both are archery games, these two games have differences. Let's play and explore!


Players will use the mouse to help their character. You can drag the mouse back to align the angle of the shot and the force of the shot.

Bowman 2's modes

There are 3 exciting modes in Bowman 2, each mode will bring players to exciting game moments.

  • Vs human mode: This mode allows you to compete with another friend on the same computer. Each player will take turns shooting arrows at the opponent to eliminate the opponent.
  • Vs Computer mode: This mode has the same rules as the previous mode. However, since your enemy is a CPU, he will automatically attack you without control.
  • Practice mode: Players should use this mode to practice their skills before participating in official matches.
  • Bird Hunting Mode: There are many birds flying in the sky. You will use a bow and arrow to shoot down one by one.