Bottle Shoot

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Shooting Bottle is a shooting game that is extremely hot today. You will burst each colorful glass bottle in the game. How many bottles can you break?

Enjoy Bottle Shoot

Bottle shot

In Bottle Shoot, the player will become a marksman. You are practicing to improve your shooting skills. By shooting water bottles, you will reach the goal. However, will your goal be successful or not? You should remember that the number of ammo you have for each turn is limited, if you run out of ammo without passing the round, the game will be over. Join the game and prove it!


The player will control his gun. While the glass bottles are moving in a certain trajectory, so is your gun. It rotates 360 degrees continuously. Players need to accurately align when the gun muzzle is towards any water bottle, and click the mouse immediately to discharge the bullet, and hit it.

Unlock in Bottle Shoot

The game provides the user with a list of guns. You can unlock them, bring them with you to the arena, and use them when training. However, to unlock these guns, you need to accumulate enough coins.

Every time you shoot a water bottle, you will receive coins. Don't worry, the lowest-priced gun in Bottle Shoot is only 50 coins. You can absolutely buy them, then when you own a good gun, your achievements improve, you will earn more coins, buy more good guns. If you like such games, don't miss Stickman War!