7th Inning Smash

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7th Inning Smash is an attractive baseball game, loved by many players. In the game, you will practice this sport with your friends on the street.

7th Inning Smash - A Sport Game

Its gameplay

In European countries, baseball is one of the most popular sports. Today I introduce to gamers an online baseball game called 7th Inning Smash. Are you ready?

In this game, players will transform into a naughty boy who loves sports. You and a friend will practice baseball at an empty field near the street. You will be the hitter. Your task is to hit the ball, and especially the player will get more points when hitting the ball on target.

How to control

Players will control the game with a computer mouse. Players will hover to navigate the arrow and aim for the target, while the length of the arrow you control will indicate the strength when hitting the ball. Click the mouse to hit the ball.

Some notes for players

  • In 7th Inning Smash, the player has 10 hits to hit the ball. Try to take the opportunity to get the highest score possible.
  • Hitting the ball into the glass windows or moving vehicles on the road will get you 1000 points. Meanwhile, hitting the wall will only get you 500 points.
  • If you hit the ball on the broken window, you will lose points.
  • Players will receive a very high score, many times over if they hit the "bonus" box and even get extra hits.

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